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Group Classics

Group classes are the heart of a successful Suzuki program. Activities should be fun and have a purpose. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to keep the ideas for engaging and effective group class activities flowing. 


We've created the "Group Classics - Idea of the Month" page to share some of CAM Publications co-founder Amy Matherly's ideas for group class activities that have been student-tested and proven to help kids learn while they have fun.


Amy is a registered Teacher Trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas and has been teaching violin and viola to students, ranging from four year olds to adults, for over thirty years. We think she has some ideas you might like!

Idea of the Month

Feeling the Beat


Level:           Any


Purpose:      To develop an awareness of the beat in music


Set-up:         Students sit in a circle


T: Underneath music there is a beat. The beat keeps the music going in the same    way that the beating of our heart keeps us going.


Play a piece from your class’ current repertoire without a beat - playing the notes at random times but in order


T: Do you recognize this song?

Give me a steady beat (tap hands on knees) and I’ll play it again.

The beat is the foundation of a piece of music. Building the piece you are playing on a steady beat gives it life and energy.





(1)       Find the Beat - Play various musical examples and have students tap the beat.


(2)       Who Took the Cookie? - In this classic game, students recite a childhood chant while

keeping a beat.

Detailed written instructions can be found here:


(3)      Pass the Ball - Introduce students to the metronome and then use it to set a beat. Pass

a ball around the circle to that beat. How many passes can the class complete? How fast can they get?


(4)      Twinkle Pass – Students stand with their violins

Play Twinkle Variation A, each student playing one rhythmic unit                   , passing

it around the circle.  Keep it going - don't drop the ball!

Try this with all of the Variations and the Theme.


(5)       March and Play - March the beat while playing a piece – a challenge at any level!

It’s enough for most Twinkle level students to march while the teacher plays, but everyone else should do both. Get the feet going first and then start playing.


(6)       You Be the Metronome! - Choose a piece that everyone knows

Students take turns being the Metronome – deciding what the beat will be and tapping it on a drum while the rest of the class plays the piece.


(7)       The Wheel - The goal here is to form a wheel and "turn it" to the beat of the music


Form a human wheel:

- students and teacher sit on the floor in a circle

- their legs straight out (the spokes)

- their feet touching in the middle of the circle (the hub)

- the palms of their hands placed on the floor beside their hips


Practice "turning the wheel"

- Choose a direction

- To get the wheel moving, everyone lifts up their bottom with the beat and moves one space in the chosen direction on the next beat, keeping their feet touching in the middle


Now you're ready!

- Choose a student to play a piece

- As they play, teacher taps the beat so everyone knows what it is

- Then, Go!


When things get bogged down, switch directions

Have the students take turns playing the piece


My students love this game – both being a part of the wheel and playing to turn it.

Feeling the Beat

This Idea of the Month should be subtitled "I Got Rhythm"! That's what your students will be saying while they're enjoying this great series of fun and instructive activities designed to help them feel the beat.

Group Classics - Idea of the Month #6

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"I've never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down."  - Virgil Thomson

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