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Reading Music: A Guide for Suzuki Violin Students

Amy and Christopher Matherly


Reading Music was created specifically for students learning to play the violin through the Suzuki approach, following Suzuki’s educational principles and using the Suzuki repertoire as a point of reference. 


Reading concepts are introduced one at a time, and students are given ample opportunity to work with and absorb each one through a multifaceted approach that incorporates movement, writing, ensemble playing, and games.


Lessons include a review of skills previously covered, an explanation of each new concept, clearly laid out assignments, and enjoyable music to read. 


Reading Music begins with exploration of essential concepts; the beat, rhythm, meter, the musical alphabet and the staff. Rhythm and pitch are presented separately, at first, and then gradually blended together. After working through the book, students will have experienced reading pitch on all four strings, rhythm (from quarter notes through dotted rhythms, triplets, and syncopation), and basic bowing notation.

                                                                                    Price: $21.95



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