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Really Great Reels (with CD)

Amy and Christopher Matherly


Really Great Reels - a collection of fiddle tunes for violin teachers who would like to add fiddling to their programs and independent learners who would like to learn some tunes on their own.


Really Great Reels offers tunes for four different student skill levels; Beginner, Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. The tunes chosen are the ones that Amy’s students have enjoyed playing the most and are drawn from a variety of styles including Scottish, Irish, Old Time and Swedish. For each reel we have provided an up-tempo recording with accompaniment for inspiration, a slow recording of the tune for ‘by ear‘ learning, the sheet music, and information about the tune. Also included is an accompaniment part to make it interesting to perform.


Click here to listen to samples of the Really Great Reels recordings.

                                                                                    Price: $24.99



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