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Musical Styles From Around The World and Through Time

From Appalachian to Zydeco; Baroque to Hip Hop; the Americas to China, the violin and viola have found prominent places within a multitude of very different musical styles/traditions.  We set out to find videos (or just audio, if that's all that was available) of representative performances featuring these wonderful instruments in as many styles as we could discover. We'll keep adding to this resource on a regular basis, so send us your ideas and feedback.


This is your opportunity to explore, expand your knowledge and interests - and simply enjoy yourself listening to the violin and viola playing some pretty fantastic music. There's something very moving about hearing and seeing this extended family of musicians of widely diverse backgrounds expressing themselves in such varied ways - on the same instruments.


If you're a student, find something you like and ask your teacher if you can learn a piece from that tradition. If you're a teacher, use this resource to inspire your students to practice and work on their technique - anything is possible if you put in the time on your scales and exercises! To All Our Visitors: Browse, Enjoy New Sounds.  HAVE FUN!!


If something really grabs you, click on the YouTube logo to find related videos. You can also view these videos on the CAM Publications YouTube channel.

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Shetland Fiddle - Gibbie Gray - More Grog Coming - The Lass That Me The Bed For Me - Da Tief On Da Lum

Interspecies - Duet for Voice and Violin

Comedy - Willie Hall - Pop Goes the Weasel+

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"I've never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down."  - Virgil Thomson

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