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Three Styles of Bowing (Week 4)


Level:        Book One


Purpose:   To learn about three bowing styles -  Martelé,  Détaché,  and  Slow.


Notes:       This lesson works well when spread out over three or four classes.

       Suggestions for the teacher’s verbal presentation are in italics.

       Definitions of the bow strokes are included so that the goal of the activities is clear.


Set-up:     (1) Play through Allegro from Suzuki Volume One

                  (2) "There are three styles of bowing in this piece:

- Martelé 

- Détaché

- Slow

       (3) Give a brief demonstration of each.

       (4) "We are going to add style to Allegro by learning to do these bow strokes."



ActivitiesWeek Four - Put It All Together

(1)   Review the Three Types of Bows in Allegro

  • Divide the class into three groups and assign each group a bowing style

  • Play Allegro, each group playing only their assigned bowing

  • Switch around till each group has had a chance to play all three styles


(2)   Play Allegro

  • Play the entire piece together marveling at the variety of sounds and styles the group can now produce


(3)   Martelé, Détaché, and Slow Bows in the Repertoire

  • Play excerpts from the 1st and 3rd movements of the Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor and the Bach D Minor Concerto

  • Have the class listen for these three bow strokes

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