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Are you ready to meet your Suzuki group?

September is coming! Are you ready to meet your Suzuki group?

Go in with a plan.

Set goals


Brainstorm and daydream. What repertoire will you be focusing on? What topics and activities will benefit this age group? Assemble a library of ideas to draw on. Check out Group Classics from CAM Publications for lots of lesson ideas for beginning through advanced groups.

After the first couple of classes:

Refine your goals. Now that you’ve met with your students – what do they need?

Continue to review and revise your plans as the year progresses.

The First Class

1 - Take time to get to know one another

Play "The Name Game" or "Getting to Know You" (Group Classics pages 10 & 14).

2 - Discuss the routine, rules and what will you be doing together this year

(See "One Violin" - Group Classics page 12)

3 - Play through repertoire

Ask students about their favorite pieces and then play them together.

Students will probably be working in many different places in the repertoire.

Show students who have not yet learned the piece you have chosen to work on where to sit so

they can learn by listening and watching. Remind more advanced students of the importance

of polishing learned repertoire.

4 – Play a game

Try "Name That Tune" or "Pass the Ball" (Group Classics pages 20 & 15).

5 – End by telling students and parents which pieces they should prepare for the next class

Coming Soon: "A General Outline for Group Class". Having an outline will make each class flow smoothly, establish order and free you to be creative within that structure.

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